Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Meant To Be

I'll keep reaching
no matter what
I'll keep searching
for an out, from this rut

Not a rut of mine
but from being entwined
with barriers
in which seem oh so endless
And fog up my vision
lucky I have precision
in all that I do
and a heart that is true
but I need something more
as I grapple to keep score
against a great Goliath
I'm a mouse to a lion

Constantly sticking out my tongue
being threatened to be hung
like in the days of Salem
you could say, I suppose
on hot coals are my toes

As I walk across, they burn
and I'm squinting
to see the next right turn
though half the time, there's a blockade
and though my brain, the way it's built
is challenged with being unafraid
I have no choice
if I want to survive
to believe in my instincts
deep down inside...

They tell me to hang on;
and love for destiny
My logic can argue,
though paradoxically

I question; if one is born
with a certain feeling
which lives so strongly
inside of thee

Then maybe
JUST maybe...
it IS “meant to be”?

July 10, 2013

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