Friday, June 7, 2013

I Only Have Room To Believe

This is about the psychiatrist who abused me in february 2013 (ie.“Breaking My Silence”) by blacklisting me in the system whence writing very serious, untrue things in my public file. This shut me out from getting any help or being believed by doctors, and caused me to have to defend myself while sick. I fought to receive my rightful diagnosis of a health condition which turns out to be more serious than fibromyalgia. Though my case was eventually proven, this had to happen in another country.

She broke me wide open
but I gotta get up
She tore up everything thing I stood for
yeah, she roughed me up

She looked me down
with her beady eyes
her grey-souled mind
said I'm made of lies

Because I express differently
and confidently
and though I was in distress...
she misconstrued my request
she made an awful mess
My heart then shattered into glass
shards, flying around me
and as I walked, they cut my soul
and then took such a wretched toll

For weeks and weeks and weeks
because she's in a seat
of power, in her hierarchy
I let her nearly kill me

But maybe; it’s meant to be
that I now stand up and fight
and no, not with strife
truth I live
in this life!

Refusing to sink, into the sand
but rather be heard, my heart by my words
revealing the truth, I must demand

That people know
how the neuro-different fare
at the hands
of current ignorance

In which is so endemic
and oppressive to We
am I to suffer
so that they see?

Can I be strong, entwined with plight
to seek justice, to make this right
for the sake of the divergent song
for the chorus of the neuro-different; wronged
are We, and We are everywhere
and We have much to give!
but We are afflicted; targeted
by the ways, in which this world lives...

Oh, dear Lord above; am I strong enough
to Banish lately cursed nights....
which only grossly weaken me
from rising with the right kind of fight

I must rise up; from this downward spiral
and make my message viral
pushing everything that hurts me; OFF...
I'm coming back home! ...after I mop

The blood that was spilt
now, my body; Be rebuilt

Oh; I love so much!
it's this a sociopath can't stand
and though I've been far from perfect
I've made tools that I must work with

I'll pray to The Universe; for clarity and strength
to mend from broken and weakened
to see past barriers that block the beacon

Though on the brink
I don't give up easily
yes, many attack the sensitive, the weak
adding insult to injury

But did she in fact wake up a beast?
that was sleeping
deep down inside of me
and now; can I be David?
can I slay the monster before me?

My reiki master told me
that it is meant to be …

And though I'm scared
deep down I believe
in miracles, in reprieve

The impossible can be achieved
there just is no more time to grieve
I only have room to Believe

June 5th 2013

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