Wednesday, May 8, 2013

This Tree

Feeling it all
as it flows through my veins
like acid rain
upon my soul

What is my roll
and how i came to be
so broken like this
crying under this tree

In my dreams, from above
yes, until there are doves..
she whispers her rhyme
and her leaves
shed in time

Till a barren trunk
stands amongst the cold
oh yes, there she stands
so still and so bold

While keeping her roots
solid in the ground
until she had found
the sunlight, shining

And though she's not pining
and now just standing still
and so I do ask
why is she not ill?

Even though they've cut down
and all her family...

Take a leaf from this tree”
she whispers to me
you keep this one leaf
love me still
when you were a child
over we, you did grieve
our remaining stumps
were your tears, we received”

And this is one of my first memories
and maybe a message
of how to be freed
I'm hanging on dearly
amidst the cold breeze
I just want to please
but who; I'm asking...

Is it merely me
or can I simply be
and how can I too
be free
like this tree?

May 8th, 2013

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