Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Fire Gleams On

The sun shines upon
the fire gleams on
far away in space
like spades and one ace

Tis not the human race
responsible for the light
through the dull
there is bright

Somewhere in the hole
there must be a soul
waiting by the day
to show it the way

I say it...and not we
loving, and needing free
we have to break the chains
albeit the deranged

We have to rearrange
from atop each rolling hill
it's not a fire drill
it's not a movie thrill

It's the real imposed threat
amongst the dark grey jets
spraying chemicals afar
killing oxygen, making tar

While we look up, to the stars
oh help them see the patterns
as we sing, from our caverns

Great minds hidden and shunned
or made to run and run
away to an abyss
those in the dark have missed

The love that shows the way
and so they must pay
and they don't even know it
pocket-picked, and unheroic
in the sweltering of a stoic
and magma; heatwave

Til a few who are brave
will stand as we crave
indomitable "I must"
amongst the wind gusts

So hard they blow us over
but faith, we must hang on
continuing the song
of justice, all the way

To the end of the storm
though blankets, soft and warm
can cover the heads
of the spiritually dead

Whom are blinded from the truth
while pretending to be couth
we see through it, like x-rays
and we will always

It cannot go away
as the fire that gleams on
through the dark, through the wrong
the truth is still unfolding
the truth is still foreboding
better, better days...

April 16th, 2013

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