Friday, March 29, 2013

Find my way to glory

Find my way to glory

Can I ever be with Me
just with my spirit
under a tree
oh, where is it
where is the key
to the mystery
of my darkest dreams

Of my fractured psyche
oh, when was it when
something went so wrong
and programmed me to self-condemn

To turn my pain on
to myself, within my heart
and within my soul
there must be a hole
a hole
in me

What happens when the hurt
just runs so deep
it is felt within the dark
and within my sleep
And within all the shadows
It is the sickness
of wallowing

Despite the good strides
that I've been taking
that I have been making

There still is.. something
I’m blaming
my own self for
and I can’t quite open this door
and must find the key

So I can be free
walking down the flowered path
toward my purple palace
of love and light

Like I have for humankind
all that’s left, is to pray
to believe that it's ok

To love myself enough
even though it is so tough
to find my way to glory
and live to tell the story

March 29th, 2013

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