Friday, January 4, 2013

Drawn In The Tiles

There's a darkness
there's a sweetness
there's an innocence
of the contents

There's a liveliness
there's a substance
I'm not sure what it is
and there's something amiss..

There's a blankness
in their smiles
there's a mystery
drawn in the tiles
There's a quiet wanting
all the while
for freedom
amongst the aisles
of the colours

January 4th, 2013

Little Squirrel

Little squirrel
Collecting acorns
For her family
It is the world

After mission, she curls
Up into a ball
She both wants it all
And she wants to crawl

Into her burrow
But she mustn't for long
There’s another mission
To chirp her song

She collects at the speed of light
clever at flipping plight
Her colony needs her so
And love she wants to show


She’s inside out
and upside down
up on the oak braches high
Not safe and sound
though she’ll get back down
to earth, somehow
but she can’t allow

The love too close
batting lady squirrel eyes
chirping her worldly wishes
secretly a little skittish…

She doesn’t ever mean to boast
though her enemies may think
on the branches, on the brink..
the next tree is the link

Little squirrel breathe
little squirrel receive
The destined flow
you’re safe; just go.

January 23rd, 2013

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