Thursday, December 20, 2012

Where is the key

I'm sorry
I don't understand
you wave your hand
I wave my hand
but your words I don't understand

I speak from commands
inside my brain
and I am vain
and I'm in pain
and the freeze is back
and the speech I lack

My brain is blocked
I cannot see
and I am locked
and where's the key

Dec 20th, 2012

You can get all PDFs at (PDF layout is better honed than the blog format)


  1. You really should compile your poems, Rose. My dream is to compile mine too. But for now, I write poems to 'stay sane'. You describe perfectly the struggles I see in Aspies. My deepest respects to all Aspies!

  2. thank you. yes we do struggle a lot and i think definitely, i should compile them into a book and call it something like Poetry By A Girl Outside The Box: AS from the Inside Out. cool thanks for the idea! i am starting to look into how i could publish. maybe i would also attend readings and promo it there! you have poetry too? on your blog here?