Friday, October 26, 2012

the pattern prime

Reaching for the tools
held onto by fools
who use them for biding by
don't see how to look outside

Of the textbook way
aching by the day
my spine is stiff and still I reach
pain clings to me like a leech

The way out seems barely accessible
must keep saying "my body is a vessel"
pushing to build a special house
where I can be secure and rest
I got, well almost, only me; cleaning up
a seemingly revolving mess

I must have on an invisible cape..
a wonder woman I must be
looking for soil, on mostly arid land
to plant a special kind of tree
little patches hiding here and there
I find and I see
Grateful for the few glimmers of light, and smiles, and eyes noticing
little me
Down here
waving up
smiling politely
while shouting inside
I am no longer on the ride
in which I survived
but a journey appearing graceful

As I walk along, its' erroneously surmised
that I do so uninjured..
though despite it, I must rise
because this is my chance to thrive

And if i keep the balance wise
then the plan could comprise
a healing..
all in dealing

The cards right this time
from the inside;
like the perfect rhyme
the pattern prime

October 26th, 2012

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