Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I will push you, oh so gently...

I will push you
oh so gently
I will be there to
encourage your entry

I will never choose for you
or tell you what to love
I won't say "I approve of you if"
or sweep your troubles under the rug

I will not give you the freedom either
to make decisions a kid should not have to make
without guidelines and structure set, in love
I'm firm on what isn't right, what isn't safe

Oh, I wish I was pushed a little bit harder
encouraged to not give up on a such whim
I came to it late, and it would then frustrate

For it doesn't take one day to learn how to swim
and everybody is unique
I want you to know this
and be

Secure with yourself
not inflated or deflated
and true to yourself
striving for what's your best

It doesn't have to be the best "like the rest"
everyone has their own individual tests
it isn't a shame
and there's no one to blame

Everyone has a place
and their own unique face
you are awesome just the way you are
if you are honest and kind

It's ok to think of yourself too
to appreciate what comes to your own mind
I'll never make you feel bad
I'll encourage you to be glad

For yourself and for others
for your sisters and your brothers
and for mother earth too
in respect of father time

With both reason and rhyme
as children of the cosmos
my children, I walk a path
for you..

Though I may, at times, be wary
I am always here for you
whatever is your query
I will not hold a frown
I will not have you feel forgotten
I will not put you down
or make you feel ignored

You should never feel nervous to talk to me
nor should you be ignored
I am aware of not repeating
cycles from my own beginnings
though I too, am imperfect
honest and loving; over losing or winning

October 15th, 2012

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