Sunday, October 28, 2012


flickering by
ping, ping, ping, ping!
it is perfect music

Second there, second gone
light was shone
then the dawn
fell upon

In a box
in a house
be a mouse
crumbs are all around

There is not a sound
and silence is abound
so is the heart, away
with nothing much to say

Can't see fireflies
that want to dance
that want to play
from night to day
show the way
with pure harmony
passion disarming

Flicker, flicker, flicker
where are you?
thicker, thicker, thicker
is the fog
is the glue

Stuck in the box
glued to the door
can't see out the window
can't understand a bore

Cannot rearrange the chairs
to the wooden table
shadows cannot help
and weakened muscles are unable

Wasting, wasting, wasting
tasting and distaste-ing
basting, basting, basting
without fireflies

October 28th, 2012

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