Monday, October 29, 2012


timing and turning

Stonewalling, artificial haven
calling on the raven

Don't remember how
to do
something all on ones' own
when it's hard
when it hurts
when one's weak
when there's dirt
under the rug
or so feared
that it leers

Guiding light is
it's only a decoy
to a winding circle trap
going round and round in loops

So where is the loophole
because one can't be seen
there seems no other option
and another day is done and mean

Looking up at a star
that is very hard to reach
steps of fire, 1000 degrees
up with aching knees

Can it be really done
what about lifting a ton
when your child is pinned underneath
what about walking over hot coals

So grit your teeth
no, no, no
that has been done
and they are all broken now
so why not take a bow
and out
and find a different way
but where and how
can it be found
amongst the silent sound

Of the shadows
over fallow
of the devoid
of the decoy

October 28th, 2012
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