Thursday, September 27, 2012

People In The Dark, Lacking Soul and Heart

People in the dark
lacking soul and heart
bless vision upon you
may you see the light

May you see the strife
and not be fogged and blinded
by obedience to something
that whispers; "don't have kindness
or you could lose it all
or you could likely fall
into an ocean of abyss
security amiss

And dare you not look down at your feet
and see the People pining
or under sheets, that in which they end up
when they die by a chronically empty cup

You say it is not your business
and your business is business
keep your family
wolf pack oh so close
and feed, and train, and boast
and build elaborate walls
so you can't hear the calls
Of humanity
raise your young to breed
and protect, and feed
off others ill-fated losses
So you can stay The Bosses
and be them strong, and keep
your wealth inside
though where you comfortably lie
is where others have died...

May you see the light
may you feel their pain
if you not, than your children
can learn to share your gains
and provide shelter from rain

The consequences won't be as
dismal as you have been taught
for Karma has been sought
with love successfully
you love that word but don't believe
and you are not really "so free"

It's not grand to swim in gluttony
though it carries the illusion of comfort, see
that it is no match
for real glory

Everyone can be fed
everyone can be led
to thrive and live in love
from the heart of what's above

You'd be surprised at how rich you'd feel
if you would see what is real
and not an Illusion of luxury
that exists by creating suffering
and it is on your head
don't turn a blind eye ‘til more are dead
when you can break the bread

There is no need to fear
that parting will mean loss
for what you'd gain in spirit
would allow you to walk across
the bridges one can build
to close the gaps of "loss"

For trails can be added
to this truly earthly map
when solidarity occurs amongst
those who've escaped the traps

So those who have the means
and those who have the beans
can be share, and plant, and reap
on mountains even steep
And those who retain the average mean
in exchange for minion from human being
open up your heart
to all forms of art
to viewing individuals
and not caste by caste
in the form of classified
and in the position
of "the race"

For everyone has a place
a unique quality to give
and if they are oppressed they live
in blinding agony

They're people taken by the dark
the ones who came; to come apart
for not following majesty
and being called a travesty
love has granted them amnesty
because they can't eat pittons
because they don't have mittens

And how can they bow
when they freeze
and how can they smile
and still appease
when they are being oppressed
when they are barely dressed…

Oh, people in the dark
though you don't have the heart
you remain unjustly in power
but this is going to change
the People are getting tired
and you will soon be fired
for policies
we will demand change
till there's no choice
but to rearrange

And your children may see
the love you can't see
and those who suffer
will eventually be free
either in heaven or on earth
there will be rebirth

As we speak out in our truth
as parties now aloof
will be forced to look close
and like or not the dose
of blatancy received
the conveniently blamed
will be reprieved
when we demand injustice to leave!

Your descendants will be a minority
like that in which we've endured to be
and there will be no authority
that tells what are the words
that runs a fearful herd

We'll govern to prevent sorrow
we'll govern in love and peace
in mutual agreement, it's possible
and feasible to teach
and joyously we'll reach
past former limitations
we'll create many new creations
and the Dark can be lit, to cease

September 27th, 2012

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