Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Exhausted Marionette

The shadows creep
and the rainbows sleep
as you persecute me once again
when I'm in pain
and the clock is ticking
and you're nit-picking
my energy's drained

I'm fighting for my rights
and performing at my all
so the nerve of you to call
me out; defective

I am a gem
a precocious autistic
how dare you call me normal
with a broken brain

You could never imagine
what it's like to be me
I want to be free
as who I am

And not be damned
and not be a victim
I am a survivor

Pining to thrive
unseen and unheard
you assume because I have the words
translated patterns from my head...
I've fought sometimes ‘til nearly dead

A miracle in action
I'm credited only a fraction
of what I really do
because I am not you
on my head is your shoe …

I'm battered and I'm broken
and yet with love I stand
you think you've got me figured out
but don't you know these hands

They wring when you're not looking
they flick when you don't see
and after I am finished talking
I run under the trees

I love you, people, but you hurt me
why oh why oh please
if I do not appease..
I am misunderstood; misread
unless I dance
and you throw me bread
or roses, if I'm lucky..

I'm an exhausted marionette, it seems
until you cut the strings
and then you catch me in a net
in which I thought was made for safety
but once again, it is a threat
and that's why I must never fall
or let you cut the strings
because of what it brings

And though I need to rest my body...
there's now a full house lobby
waiting, for staunch advocacy
so they too can be justly freed
beyond the waiting room of that chamber
whence ,I too, sat; then trapped in danger

Through innocence upon the rain
under-appreciated; attacked in vain
on trial for nothing that I'd done
for sociology's perversely come
to blame the honest, pure-hearted

and though from the truth, many run
in the end; it's already won

September 25th, 2012

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