Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sickened in the human flesh

seeping, on the brink

black butterfly net inmeshed

about to disappear


magick, dissolved into mist

diffusing into angel wings

to rise above the plastic fumes

in which poison our being

with salt beneath me

salt on my feet

I'll walk on the hot coals

you place beneath

and the truth i speak

you will not defeat

when I sing about how you lie

after lie

through your ten thousand dollar teeth

with phony philanthropy

handed out scantily

and only if one's lucky

not to fall apart first

or drink poison out of thirst

for there's no water free

of carcinogens, to kill pathogens

'cause it's ok to drink bleach

and to die if we reach

too far past the edge

when you're on the other side

and no one can build a bridge

when there's a precedent that says so

and you deny another way to know

cause your eyes see, your ears hear, just these few things:

retain wealth, retain greed, and bling, bling, bling, bling

and share not, and feel…well; almost nothing

there are so many lies

in elaborate disguise

so that one can rig the rules

and market them to fools

who all feed a machine

and the ones who dare to dream

the sensitives, the inventives

are mostly misrepresented

as unstable, unworthy it seems

labeled and framed as off the beam

for what goes unsaid is; they'll break the machine

that spits out a mega palace in layers of ice cream

regurgitated and sweet; eye candy trash

that people love to mish and mash

and waste and waste and waste...

time rolls in the simulated flavour they taste

as their pockets melt

cling, cling, cling, cling

as the supposed artists on the radio sing

repeat trash from the machine

so that you will dance

and be in a trance

slipping and sliding on the oil it needs

to run, run, and crush

or infiltrate with: "hush

see the pretty pretty picture?"

and it's not even beautiful..

but there's another way

to peel the haze off of eyes

to break down the disguise

for justice to revive

and good hearts to thrive

and this is why I stay alive

out of hope there will be

a place where love is real

and goodness flows free

one day enough will see

and whoever's left will shrivel

for they will never drink the raindrops

of equality

so place coals beneath my feet

trap me in your netted sheet

I may be battered and ill

but my body; my spirit defeats

in the name of all good hearts that beat

God knows those who cheat

and in the end; it'll be obsolete


August 28th, 2012

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