Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Clear This Lens

desperate sensation
lost in purpose

Longing for
a clear direction
knowing what to get
but how

We were left behind the ones ahead
so long ago
and though we dread
and though these bones ache
they don't want to break
they want it to stop
they want to take a walk
Down the road to peace
beyond the white sheets
covering the dead
so don't lie in bed
next to the coffins
for we survive
and we need to thrive
rise up and shine
Shine within The Light
please help each others' sight
and take each others' hands
let's help us to live upon this land

Healing and growing
reaping and sowing
no longer destroying
no longer toying

Evolving and turning
no longer burning
loving and laughing
though it seems so baffling
oh, clear this fog
and clear this lens
July 18th, 2012

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