Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Standing On A Last Breath

Winding 'round, the wind
twisting counter clockwise
blowing 'round the sins
of a wounded heart

Tilting over sideways
about to fall apart
needing now a sacred space
to create the art

Feeling so alone and
ignored, with a chill
hollow are the feelings
filling up with pills

Giving up on nourishment
when it's too much work
to grow a garden with the seeds'
high cost, as is the dirt

Looking for a rest that simply
cannot now be reached
breaking in the question
can I just rest my feet

Is it possible
to commit necessary
whence kept from basic needs
how can there be a query?

Needing but an icon
to look down and smile
to shower love and sunshine
on my tears so vile

Oh its nothing but a dream
a hope above the clouds
of a childish fairyland
that shall be covered with a shroud

Pining out to bury
what should lie beneath
yearning now to bury
what should not be leeched

Standing on a last breath
waiting to exhale
praying to find better air
and to live tell the tale

April 16th, 2012

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