Sunday, April 29, 2012

Naturally Autistic

You're talking like we are diseased
but you don't have it right
you're panicking as if there's a glitch
in evolutions' plight
so numbers are increasing
and you say it's mostly boys
you're going by the DSM
though it’s a man-made toy...

But what if you could reframe your thoughts
for even a minute at least?
you may not be so far off
if you say chemicals are the beast
but are they causing what you say is a neurological illness?
or are we merely human beings
neurologically wired different
being born into a world
one in which we are allergic...

Would modification of diet; avoidance of toxins
bring about the prevention of this so-called disease?
or could it optimize the
of a new, unmistaken generation
Yes; we are Naturally Autistic
So if you want to help us
or if you fear
that you may carry
one of us dear
rethink circumstance
minus the fear
and in bliss you will dance!

Feel enthused to know
you're babe may very well glow
with our energy
so set your fear free
and avoid those things
we are evolving to reject
as best as you can
don’t go out of your way
for some things are inevitable
and thus they will stay
treat it like a unique gift
if your babe is born this way

Do you think it is an accident
that our numbers are increasing?
do you think it's true
that males outnumber?
or maybe we girls are just harder to see...
and may be affected differently
these precedents label oh so blindly
For what should not be labeled
if it fits as merely "disabled"
So erroneous is this
and so much has been have missed
please look a little harder
through your fingers; see the kiss
on our cheeks, from the angels..

We are meant to be here
and there is no mistake
ADD, AS, or other tier
we're all different, but the same
with some affected more than others
and we'll not live in shame!
nor amongst you as sub human
and the adjustments that you make for us
don't need to suck tax dollars
if you reframe how you look at us
then you'll see how to really help us...

It's not rocket science
but it does take defiance
to stand up for change
and to rearrange
systems which no longer serve humankind
systems with an axe to grind
we're here to think our way around
though our brains may be sensitive to what is not sound
for this world contains poisons to us all
and our brains are affected most of all...

Imagine a brain with a unique vision
an ability to interrelate
with such precision
could it get us out of the current ties that bind?
is evolution really committing a crime?
with all of us being born
please just celebrate
the babes that are born to interrelate

We are not diseased
and we'll not change to please
on the surface
we can no longer appease!
So see us in a different light
So acknowledge our potentials' might
and thus make adjustments for our type...
Then we can thrive, and love
and help
and rightfully
believe in ourselves
don't shut us down
discuss preventing our birth
this is not the plan
for the growing earth

We're here for a reason
and it isn't for treason
so let go of your fears
and hold us so dear
why should we change for you?
why can't you change for us?
the reality is this: we must not collect dust
empower us with an open mind
and you will then be Just

We are not disabled
We are differently abled
and never forget it
and never upset it
Our flower petals are surviving unnecessary heat
so help us cool the antics that cheat
us out of our health
and out of our wealth
not the wealth that one may think about
but one in which is stealth

A richness of true honesty
A love for humankind; family
That is what we see
a wealth that sets us Free
So label us if you so may
if it helps you to hear what we're trying to say
but don't treat us with such tragedy
or interpret our works as travesty
we are what I call "awesome-ism"
we are what you may call Autism

So let it be
what it will be
and that is how you'll set us free...

April 28th, 2012

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