Friday, April 27, 2012

Little Girl Hush

Don't cry little one
for justice has been done
and the monkey on your back
ceased to exist; with that

He'll make you no more faces
to imitate in races
where his weight had pulled you down
till you wore an inner frown

Stop searching for a deck of cards
'cause there's no need for crazy 8s
you are no longer like fishbait
for sharks in shallow waters
you are not cannon fodder

So put your shield down little girl
you needed it in a cold, cruel world
though child soldiers should never be
But please now, come down from the tree
that was once a kittycat sanctuary
no need to fear the fireman
oh, let him take your hand

For it serves you no more
and below there is no more, a war
to hide from shaken, beaten child
you need not brave the dangers wild

There is a place you can call home
there is a lace dress you can own
you need not roam in holed up shoes
and a knapsack full of cans of booze

You have survived
take back your pride
get on the train
and enjoy the ride

To heavens 'gate
for angels wait
the same ones who loved you through hate
and so there is a different fate
from the one in which you once believed
waiting for you, past the wasted time grieved

So wipe those tears off of your face
you have finally won your case
you no longer stand on trial
you are free to walk the miles

Down the road to freedom
down the road to acceptance
laugh as loudly as you wish
and this time no one'll snicker
and with those who still won't understand
there's no energy to bicker

Remember who is at a loss
so that you do not burn, but cross
the bridges once too shaky
are safer, for a woman
in dignity

You take it back
for you don't lack
so cut some slack
for tragedy un-faulted
and luck that had you bad
'til it turned you raving mad

Though it's transient
and your ambient
intact like a statuette
but moving like a cat
in womanhood you're that

Be not afraid to wear the lace
for you won't need mace
be no more the predators
be there, maybe, editors

So tell that “little girl” to hush
for the forest
oh so green and lush
is waiting for your footsteps...

April 27th, 2012

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