Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Broken Libra

Out of reach needs
out of the feed
fit for a swine
indulging the dine

Slumped on the couch
heart is all slouched
over the fence
broken and forgotten
over my head
is overhead
making a game
of priorities

Rolling the dice
landing on ice
shifting and shattering
shards are cutting deep
garbage in a heap
thrown over a bridge
into the stream
and by the ridge
of the rocky cliff
where some may dive
headfirst into summer brave
I hide in the cave
next door
blocking out the sun
oh so hard done
oh woe is me
oh woe is free
damn the broken dance
of chasing my tail
round and round ad nauseum!

Why'd you build a rail?
if I could climb over it
why not build a jail?
the sentencing already is
and there aint no bail
no one'd bail me out

Only failing, see
here I am both sick and weak
hanging off a tree
branch above the creek
they are laughing east
cliff diving with confidence
I'm about to fall, at least
though I'm holding on with obstinance

Don't wanna fight my tired
I just wanna sleep
sleep along the rolling hills
'lone without the sheep

Leave me here in limbo
if I see the light
that'll be a good luck bow
by angel wings of might

Stocking feet or barefoot
I can't tell now which
for my feet are frozen solid
and my skin does itch

What happened to my Libra?
her scales are sick and tipped
is there anywhere to turn?
to balance her;
to have her fixed...

April17th, 2012

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