Saturday, March 17, 2012

Like The Lorax Said

I hate this world for how it lives
and in it, something's' gotta give
to facebook, from utopia
utopia, dystopia

we keep growing
but is it change?
depends on how you rearrange
the cards are lined up
it's a game

Can you play it fair?
where are the rules?
where are the guidelines?
get your tools

oh, reality
through space and time
please make it quick
and make it rhyme

We need a dollar
throw a dime
And block your ears now
take the course
your salads' from the hoof
of a work horse

Yeah, break the back
of another shy
they don't tell how and where
they lie
you cannot see it
not unless
you care enough
like the Lorax said

But we've been blind
deep in the mind
like a virus
yeah; the man-made kind

So sparkle sparkle
bling bling bling
you like to play
on that Cha-ching!

So give a dollar
waste your time
you'll have it
go take back your dime!

cause what's with the dime anyway?
when your purse is full
and shut per se

Less we show them right
and we show them good
or am I misunderstood?
'til the many many turn their heads
my word is just as good is dead

In the name of right
in the name of plight
Let's share our words
limit no height

For the honesty; we look within
and outside in the garbage bin
that's' where things end up anyway
once worth something
they had their day

So what's more timeless, priceless and
part of us
like a music jam

Its' loud and clear; it is the truth
and let the oldies say "uncouth"

They don't know any better , well
they're living in a brainwashed hell

They know it not
they'll say it twice
they'll look away
they'll hold the dice

So march on young soldiers
be free
don't be afraid
to plant a tree

March 17th, 2012
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