Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Living For Destiny

I'm looking up into the sky
and calling the angels on high
to help me live for my one dream
though I am tortured from the beam

Of fluorescent light, burning my eyes
and all the bullies, pushing lies
while stepping over minds and hearts
while playing but a game of darts

As they push past in recognition
I shield; for I am on a mission
I go unseen, I go unheard
and though I paint, my pictures' blurred

By a fog in which great minds are lost
and quality of life is tossed
into a box, of gold and jewels
to be sold for profit, made a fool
is every man who bows in fear
of being hunted like a deer

So quiet, he can hide away
or agree to pull an elaborate sleigh
of gifts for children of the rich
so they can drape in gaudy kitsch
and divert on the TV screens
and hypnotize to keep their means

So lost is the meaning of life
and lost is purpose, in the strife
to stay standing and feed the brood
with nothing that is truly food
but manufactured lies called treats
rewards for what? another feat

Another jump through another hoop
those at the top; they have us duped
I go unseen, I go unheard
And in spite of wounds; I sing my word

I gather herbs, prayers, yarn, and string
I braid and weave; my fingers sting
but I won't stop 'til the blankets are done
for they'll be warm until the sun
of justice comes out, through the clouds

I'll keep singing through my pain; loud
once messages are heard
I can cease
I’ll leave a message, and go in peace..

'til then, here I stay
living each day
for destiny
in some way…

January 10th, 2012

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