Thursday, January 5, 2012

Invisible Illness

Just because I look fine
doesn't mean that I'm not sick
and annoying as it seems, if I whine;
in pain; I can't be perfect

And though it's still hidden from your eyes
the clock does slowly tick
this is not a trick, it's real
I'm trying to remain stoic

I feel alone and powerless
in an invisible, systemic illness
I'm trying to remain positive
looking for hope, amongst an abyss

It's inhumane that accessibility
to cures, only comes if your rich
though knowing the truth makes it tough
the burning anger, I must resist
for it's nothing but poisonous …

And there's a way out
not the way I've, at times, thought about
but one where I'm here, on earth
living my life
in the arms of acceptance

And I don't mean to give up
allowing degeneration and pills
I mean to stand up
and do what I can

Living lifestyle changes
best for me;
to do what I love
until I am free...

January 5th, 2012

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