Monday, January 2, 2012

Modern Revolution

This is the time
to let go of
the precedents
that pollute our minds

We know not how
they've made us blind
to change, and truth
evolving so
we can move on
in spiritual flow

The Kids are coming
some in generation Y
have gone insane
but some survive
to guide and lead
our way out of old systems
as the hippies once did
we refuse to be victims

So that the babes of now
will take our lead
and we will grow
and we will feed
and reverse global warming
before it succeeds
our beautiful earth
let some of us bleed
for love and light
and unspoken truth
Let us not accept labels
and allegations we're "uncouth"
let us not accept prescriptions
to "control" our behaviours
let us not succumb to drugs, imbalance and misery
labeled as "mental illness"

Let us re-channel through art
writing, and innovative business

We demand to be seen, we demand to be heard!
for we won't be living dead

Solidarity between us
finding answers unsaid

You've kept so much from us
but look at us!
we'll write it, we'll sing it, in red

It's a Modern Revolution
But no violence; red be written...

January 2nd, 2012

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