Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She Was Once Like Matilda

She was once like Matilda
a little girl in a bad place
with nowhere to go
with a book in her face

For the book was a shield
and her one saving grace
But she wanted to read
what was not her small place

So the school shut her down
gave her nowhere to run
she looked for her Miss Honey
but the clouds blocked the sun

And without a Miss Honey
to adopt her away
she met with bad influence
and the dark, painful days
With black makeup down her cheeks
and nicks on her wrists
her heart bled and bled
and she pounded her fists

She shouted "Miss Honey; where can you be?
I wave my arms, up and down; but you can't see me"

And with that, she turned to ice
So angry, betrayed
abandoned by the world
she analyzed with her brain
that was once golden good
and now used in vain

Breathing cynical doom
and self-loathing pain
the smart little girl
drank vodka and planned
an attack on the world
with her own tongue in hand

She drank to it at night
till night turned to day
For she scraped by pretending
the "rebel cool" way
Letting dark people in
to harm as they may

Til the night turned to fire
and she woke up with burns
for her vodka-fuelled rants
took a serious turn

So threatened was her life
as she laid there so ill
with her arm to a knife
poisoned with self will
which had kept her alive
when there once was a need
in which came to an end
making her want to flee

But then; she heard an angel whisper
"accept you are loved,
please become a believer
in what is above"

And as she lay there dying
She saw a little girl
with a book in one hand
and in the other, a pearl

Because the world is your oyster;
if you choose it to be
See the good, see the light,
join me and be free!"

She was once like Matilda
and she's now met a friend
that friend is who she once was
and who she'll be again

November 28th, 2011

You can get all PDFs at http://www.girloutside.org/booksall/ (PDF layout is better honed than the blog format)

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