Saturday, October 8, 2011

Prove It Right

Prove It Right

Some people complain
of where the concerts' going to be
While others are pining
for a ticket to be free

Some people have access to the cures
they've got the means
Others toil away in trenches
bartered till they steam

Some people think it is wise
to block the blowing breeze
Covering up their eyes
until distraction brings them ease

And in the forms of many
it comes with great appease
But please, oh, please
Listen deep...

I don't hate you, but
I want to shake you
I want to wake you up
I want to break you

I want to break your cellar door down
Because there is no storm to hide from
There's just some empty hands to feed
And you've got more on your shelf than you need

I don't hate anybody
I write this not to fight
Just this:
Love expects more from you
Prove me wrong, Prove It Right

October 8th, 2011

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