Thursday, October 27, 2011

From The Rain

From The Rain

Bring me a rainbow
from the rain
that killed my candle flame
with shame

Show a martyred ghost
to me
make it an angel
set it free

I will follow
on the earth
my heart, my soul
my life's rebirth

Grow me a flower
from each seed
I can collect
from a virtuous deed

Water and feed
its precious stem
with the rain of condemn

Let it convert the water
from doom
let the sun shine
let it bloom

Let it evolve
and spread its life
from field to field
of previous strife

Let evolution
take its course
let love and truth
bring strong discourse

From ear to ear
of every child
to every system
cold and vile

Let new ideas
coat change
with crystal
indigo light
and no more pistols

Smash the factories down with hail
formed by reform
not entailed
by persecution
any more
we will live past
the thunders' roar

To see the clouds
clear up again
bring me a rainbow
from the rain

October 27th, 2011

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